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Why? Because the time is NOW to create your daily PARADISE

You’ve checked off so many boxes on the “how i’ve been told I should live my life” list. But yet, you still feel like you’re missing something, missing self expression, missing that confidence. WHAT THE HELL?! Aren’t you sick and tired of playing small and drowning yourself in limiting beliefs such as:

“I don’t have enough money to change my situation.” 
“I can’t pursue my what I want because, what if I fail?”
“I can’t seem to make confident decisions.”
“It’s too late to pursue my dreams.”
“I'll regret this.”
“I can’t stand up for myself and ask for what I want because I will get rejected.”
“There is nothing special about me.”

“I’m afraid of doing what I want to do because I fear what my family and friends will think.”

You lack confidence in doing what is best for you. You fear the unknown. You can’t seem to take that leap of faith and experience your full potential. I know how it feels to lack excitement, dreading doing things you truly don’t want to do. I know how it feels to  lack confidence in taking action and doing what's best for you. I know how it feels to fear what family, friends and even strangers might think of the choices you’ve made or want to make for your life. I know, too well, your feeling of being STUCK and going through the motions in your daily life. I know the feeling you are experiencing RIGHT NOW in this very moment not knowing your PURPOSE. You know there is more to you, to your life, but where do you start?

Paradise Blueprint: 3 To Me is an extensive program that was passionately created and carefully designed to help you overcome the lack of confidence and fear that consumes you. Transformation has no choice but to occur when you first SEE YOURSELF, intimately MEET YOURSELF in your power, and give yourself permission to FREE YOURSELF from your story. Rediscover your power in living life to your full potential -in your own lane - amongst the challenging “traffic jams” you encounter daily. NOW is the time to stop allowing a lack of confidence to stand in between you and your dream job! You and your soulmate! You and your dream vacations! You and your purpose in this life! You and your voice! You and your absolute full potential! 

This is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Conquer that inner voice that keeps telling you to hide
  • Build confident confidence
  • Overcome the anxiety associated with the unknown
  • Move past your comfort zone 
  • Stop feeling trapped in everyday life
  • Gain CLARITY for your purpose/mission
  • Take action and stop procrastinating
  • Start the process on healing past wounds and trauma (Accepting your story)
  • Deepen relationships with yourself, family and friends
  • Discover new ways of thinking and approach to life
  • Learn to be a “NINJA” and master your energy in all situations and environments
  • STOP being a “People Pleaser”                                         


Start Packing Your Bags

In this 16 week one on one journey we’re going to dive DEEP and examine how you think, why you repeatedly make certain choices, how social conditioning and living up to societal expectations have been controlling your life. We will implement conscious confidence and crush the self-sabotaging patterns that haven’t been working for you. No matter your current situation, no matter your age, ethnicity, where you live, Paradise Blueprint: 3 To Me will provide you with the tools to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, free yourself and put you in charge of creating your paradise. 

The Itinerary


  • 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Navigate Fear With CONFIDENCE
  • Mind, Body, and Soul Immersion
  • Monthly Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Tools for Stress, Anxiety, and Clear Thinking
  • Text Message and Email Support
  • “Level-up” Challenges.
  • Group Support, Inspiration, and Motivation.

Bonus Miles

*Guest laser coaching sessions with experts in topics that deeply strikes curiosity, plus conscious eating, fitness, lifestyle tips and more.*



I AM SO DAMN EXCITED to again be leading strong, passionate, and committed humans on a 12 week personal journey to become leaders of their life! Committed humans who are not only ready to make a profound change, but who are done procrastinating and finally ready to take invested action in creating paradise in everyday life. Paradise Blueprint: 3 To Me is NOT for everyone. I will carefully select the individuals who I feel are undoubtedly ready to reclaim their life, redefine their life, and discover their paradise with ZERO regrets. If this feels like you please APPLY below.